Food: The White Rabbit

The White Rabbit, located at the Dempsey, serves European classics, which is the perfect place for a romantic date and a casual lunch or dinner with family and friends. I would say, the ambience is great, making it special as it is housed in a beautifully restored European chapel in the midst of a “forest”. The White Rabbit is inspired by Alice and the Wonderland, which takes guests into its own world, away from the jungle.


I personally love European (or Western) cuisine. I especially love places with a cosy atmosphere and soothing music. Yes, it is the quintessential description of a fine dining restaurant, but what has set The White Rabbit apart from other fine dining restaurants is the fact that it is less intimidating, which is perfect even for a casual dinner.

IMG_0209IMG_0211 Pumpkin Tarte ($28).

IMG_0212Truffled Mac & Cheese with Mushrooms ($14)

We ordered three dishes (2 mains & 1 side), as we were afraid that we could not finish our own dishes because the dishes are quite pricey. Nevertheless, the food was great and definitely worth the amount that you paid for. The portions are just right for us.

The first dish that came was the Monthly Special, the one with beef patty underneath the half-bun. Sorry that I did not take a good quality photo of it so I’ve decided not to upload it. Anyways, there were mushrooms and melted cheese sandwiched between the bun and the beef. The beef was chewy with a lingering taste, which makes you crave for the next bite!

The Pumpkin Tarte was awesome too. There were pumpkin seeds, sherry gastrique & lamb’s lettuce. The fried pumpkin was sweet and savoury at the same time. You got to try it out to know what I mean.

We ordered Truffled Mac & Cheese with Mushrooms for our sides. This is a little different from our usual mac & cheese, which can make us feel full after a few bites. Yet for this, I could finish the whole thing on my own!!


And yes, we’ve ordered desserts too. This particular one was the restaurant’s Monthy Special. It is an ice cream cake, surrounded by cream. The waiter set this on fire which made me cried literally. I totally have no idea why he did that, resulted in a quarter of the cake burnt.

IMG_0233Just look at this cute little rabbit!!!

This romantic restaurant has an outdoor bar, which is a lovely place for a drink and some finger food. The Rabbit Hole is a whimsical gin and wine garden bar, which allows you to run around the area just like a rabbit.


Just a WARNING: Despite the atmosphere which is great to chill, look out for mozzies. I’ve got stung within a few minutes out here. Insect repellents might help!

The White Rabbit is also perfect for events such as weddings, networking events etc for a capacity of 120-150 pax. Just step out of the city and set in this quiet greens of Dempsey. Why not?

Overall, I would say it is worth spending the money on the food as well as the ambience. I would definitely visit again and try out different dishes and drinks.

So here’s my opinion for The White Rabbit:

Food: 4.4/5.0

Overall experience: 4.0/5.0

The White Rabbit

39C Harding Road, Singapore 249541



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