Should you get a perm?

Thinking of having a complete makeover by having a perm but not sure if you are up for it? Not to worry because I have the exact same thought two years back. To get a perm or not, there are many other things to consider. Take some time to read before deciding whether you should get a perm!

#1 Decide on the “look” you are going for. Do not be afraid.

I totally understand how it feels when you are trying out something new. I always had thick, straight hair that people envy. However, when I just entered my 20s, I was obsessed with giving a mature and elegant vibe. I am not saying that having a straight hair would mean that you are more childish looking, but it definitely gives people a feeling that you are younger and more cheerful as compared to a permed hair. Furthermore, I always look younger than my current age so I believed that having a permed hair would probably do me good.

It is a struggle, definitely. I was really afraid that the perms would make me look like an auntie or a poodle. But not to worry, because your hairstylist would know what are the trends for a permed hair and you have to trust them to give you a great perm.

There are different types of permed hairstyles which will give you totally different looks. Make sure you check out the types of permed hairstyles you wanted and show it to your hairstylist for reference. I did mine using digital perm, so that my hair will look softer, smoother and shinier as opposed to traditional perm. Also, I like my perm to start right after my chin level to create a “messier” look. Some of my friends like to start their perm only two inches below their chin because it is “safer” this way.

#2. It does not work for short or layered hair.

Perms are the best for long, thick, and unlayered hair. You do not want to get your hair permed if you have a short hair because you will end up looking like a toy poodle. Your perm would not stay and will not look good if your hair is layered. It will just look weird. As for myself, I made sure that my hair was somewhere midway down my back before I went to the salon. The curl will shorten your hair so don’t be afraid that your hair will be too long for a perm!

#3. Be prepared for a very serious commitment.

The curl you’ve just gotten will definitely look pretty. But this beauty will be gone soon enough if you do not maintain it. It is really a very serious commitment. A typical permed hair can last for 2-3 months, and that is if you take good care of it. My curl lasted longer than usual (according to my hairstylist) because I took great care of it every single day. So here’s what I did every night: Your hair can be really dry after the perm, so I took extra care to use an extra amount of damaged hair cream after showering. After combing, I would part my hair into several sections and twirl the different sections (according to the direction of my perm), which I finally rest the different sections of hair on my shoulder for it to dry. Finally, before I head to my bed, I would part my hair into two sections and twirl each section in the direction of the curl. Lastly, I clipped the two sections of hair with hair clips and head to sleep.

See, it takes a lot of effort to maintain a permed hair. Remember this is on top of your facial care. Make sure you are willing to maintain your hair because if you don’t, it will be a waste of money.

#4. Avoid chemical treatment before or after your perm.

If you want your curl to look great, your hair must be in a good condition. Therefore, avoid colouring your hair at least two weeks after you did your perm. Also, try not to schedule a perm right after you coloured your hair! Your hair will become really dry and trust me, it will definitely cause damage and weaken your strands.

I have permed my hair for a year and a half and I am loving it. I don’t think I will head back to get a straight hair anytime soon unless I have a sudden urge of chopping my hair off. Curls work really well for me so far and I would totally encourage you to get it. Below are just some pictures I took after I permed my hair!

And, everyone is different. My advice to you is that you should probably seek professional advice before getting a perm. Good luck!



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